Monday, October 26, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!

I can't believe the time is actually here! Right now I am so full of soooo many thank yous. Thank you current blog followers for waiting it out, thank you giveaway contributors for wanting to join in on this grand adventure, and most importantly thank you to my blog designer. Without her none of this could be possible! Her design has set the look and feel of the blog and I'm grateful for her talent. She has unbelievable skill at design; from the colors, schemes and look of texture to her sincere friendliness. Thank you Tonya at Lucky Girl Blog Design you are simply the best!

Due to this being the official launch, all of these giveaways will run for the entire WEEK! Entry for each will conclude on Saturday, October 31st (Happy Halloween) at 11:30 pm EST. All winners will be posted on Monday, November 2nd. Be sure to check back then to see if you have won and also to enter the giveaway for that day. That first week of November has some great giveaways from: Layers Clothing, Robeez, Tailored Lilly, Just Be, and Earring Exchange. So it's going to be ALOT of fun! Just remember to check back on Monday, November 2nd to see if you are a winner. Winners must email me to claim their prize!

And without further are some great giveaways and the winners of the giveaways from last week!

The winners of the cupcake necklaces:
Comment # 76 Liz Anson:
Comment # 71
Comment # 75

The winner of the photo necklace:
Comment #44

Congrats ladies! You have until 11:30 pm EST tonight to email me at to claim your prize. Otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

*All winning comment numbers are picked through the use of*

And now....the giveaways for this week!!!!