Friday, May 21, 2010

Garage Sales Tracker

I come from a long family line of garage sale shoppers!  After all, garage sales are the place to locate that perfect find or hidden treasure.  Going garage saling is always an adventure! :)  I'll admit that it has become a guilty pleasure of mine.  Whenever we are driving down the road I will suddenly see a sign for one and it takes a great deal of control to resist the urge to track down that sale!  My husband always gives me this overly dramatic eye roll.  Maybe I just need to be better about planning out my adventure.  Recently I learned about this great online website where you can find garage sales, yard sales, and consignment shops in your area.  And dare I say it...FLEA  MARKETS!!!  I just love flea markets! 
Garage Sales Tracker just came out with their new iPhone Application to make finding garage sales that much easier.  To celebrate it's launch Garage Sales Tracker is giving away 2 iPhones on their website!

Just GO HERE to enter to win!  Oh and if a Dandy Giveaway follower wins be sure and let me know!  :)